Feng Shui
文︰s10 | 上載日期︰2006年5月10日 | 文章類別︰眾聲喧嘩


節目︰Feng Shui »
主辦︰City Contemporary Dance Company
地點︰Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre
城市︰Hong Kong »
藝術類別︰舞蹈 »

Everything can be transformed into something else. The magic of blowing wind and flowing water makes the world special, which seems to disperse and dissolve the solidity of the world. The recent shown dance piece of CCDC, Feng (Wind) Shui (Water), just presents how miraculous the nature is.

For Chinese, Feng Shui is something more than wind and water. The choreographers Daniel Yeung and Mui Cheuk Yin try to represent their own views on Feng Shui. Through the movements of dancers, we not only pick the choreographers’ brains, but also enjoy the moment of flying and swimming in Kwai Ching Auditorium.

Daniel uses the idea of lightness to present the feeling of Feng. In the very beginning, four dancers walked from the auditorium to the stage with inhalation and exhalation while the audiences were entering the hall. I think it is a very amazing presentation of Feng. It seems that Feng is nowhere to be seen but everywhere to be felt. There is no boundary between either dancers and audiences or reality and imagination. Once we entered this space, the weight of matter is dispersed so that we could see and feel the lightness of Feng. Moreover, the projection of sky image and flying of dancers in air diverted our logic about gravity. At that moment we believed that the weightless gravity appeared on stage. Maybe, the lightness reveals its true and unbearable weight.

We could only find the mono-tone of colour on stage during the presentation of Feng, which was white. However, for the second part of the show, Shui, Mui used more colours to show the interchangeable characteristic of water. Mui’s ideas are so interesting that she presents water through its different forms of movements and appearance- tide, drift, tears, swirl, diffusion, flood, ripple, aquarium, turbulence and evaporation. In my personal opinion, I do not like the appearance of real water on stage so I indulged myself in the beginning part of Shui more. To be frank, Mui designed the movement perfectly to show how and what water is even the absence of water. Therefore I believe that it is better to place the vision directly in the mind without making it pass through the eyes.

After the show, we learn that Feng and Shui is not just wind and water. Daniel and Mui created their Feng Shui with high fantasy.