Hong Kong Players
地址GPO Box 8218, Hong Kong
簡介Since 1844…The longest running community theatre group in Hong Kong (although we have been known by other names – see ‘Timeline’ below). A dynamic and vibrant theatre company that endeavours to bring excellent theatre to our audiences.
Striving to maintain the spirit of our “ancestors”, Hong Kong Players currently mounts 3 - 4 productions per year, ranging from the classics of Shakespeare to modern drama & comedy. We let our hair down and have fun with our annual Panto, our biggest extravaganza of the year, staged every year since 1961.

  日期 演出類型 劇目
2010-03-09 戲劇演出(本地製作-英語)   The Odd Couple: Female Version
2010-05-04 戲劇演出(本地製作-英語)   The Venetian Twins
2010-12-03 戲劇演出(本地製作-英語)   Pirates of the Panto
2010-12-08 戲劇演出(本地製作-英語)   Orphans
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